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Production Technician – Siemens Level 2

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Course Description:
(Industry: Construction Trades)

A Siemens Certified Mechatronic Systems Assistant (PT-SL2) will function as a highly skilled technician who can work with modules and components in complex mechatronic systems as well as being able to assess and analyze the system as a whole. A Certified Associate can manage, investigate, repair and troubleshoot mechatronic systems, with the aim or operational efficiency and cost and process control. They will usually carry out their work at production facilities, workshops or in services sites that use complex mechatronic systems.

Course Date: Anticipated Spring 2025
Schedule: Evenings
Length: 360 Hours
Tuition: $1,500

Production Technician – Siemens Level 1 Responsibilities:

  • Understand and analyze the technical specification of mechatronic systems, subsystems, modules and components.
  • Derive and determine parameters for mechatronic systems and system elements.
  • Measure, interpret and analyze electrical, PLC/microcontroller, and mechanical values.
  • Assemble and install tools and hardware systems.
  • Perform scheduled and preventive maintenance.
  • Install, implement and modify software tools used in mechatronic systems.
  • Use troubleshooting skills to identify, foresee and prevent possible problems, conflicts and failures and to systematically and intelligently make repairs.
  • Program mechatronic modules and systems, especially PLCs.
  • Implement PLC networks, including configuration and data transfer using bus systems.
  • Analyze system logs.
  • Incorporate relevant technical literature into understanding of system operation and use this information to propose procedural and operational changes.
  • Observe and incorporate safety standards.
  • Apply knowledge of process control technology, including all regulator types.
  • Observe, follow and influence cost control and process efficiency procedures.
  • Execute all of the above as an effective member of a team.

Program Location

880 Route 45
Woodstown, NJ 08098