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Current Openings

Deadline: July 15, 2024
Please be advised of the following post-secondary and community grant positions available (SCSSSD & SCVTS).
Submit a letter of interest, current resume, and qualifications to Kathleen Pompper –

Work Based Learning Instructor/Coordinator (2)

This position will work directly with students within the Maximizing Post School Outcomes grant. Position reports to the curriculum/grant team and/or building principal. 10 month position with summer hours optional. Evening hours required.

Location: One at Salem Campus; one at Cumberland Campus


  1. New Jersey DOE instructional certification
  2. Required New Jersey Safe Schools (DOL) training courses for WBL/SLE supervision.
  3. Excellent organization, record keeping, and communication skills.
  4. Knowledge of NJ work based learning programs.
  5. Experience working with diverse populations, including adults with special needs, at-risk youth and the disadvantaged.
  6. Knowledge of local community resources, service providers, and businesses
  7. Ability to develop new community based instruction and work based learning opportunities for all students.
  8. Required criminal history background check, NJ residency, and proof of U.S. citizenship or legal resident alien status

REPORTS TO: Assistant Superintendent (Grants) and/or Designated Supervisor


The WBL Instructor/coordinator is responsible to ensure all students have access to work based learning opportunities that meet the students personal and educational goals. Through strategic instruction on workplace skills, interpersonal skills, and soft skills, students must be prepared for the workplace, continuing education, and independent life beyond school.

The goal of this position is to work with students and classroom teachers to instruct, coordinate, and foster positive educational experiences preparing all students with the skills necessary for life beyond school. Of great importance is to work local business partners, community stakeholders, school personnel, and families placing students in various workplace experiences, monitoring student progress, and maintaining all pertinent records.


  1. Plan and coordinate program activities
  2. Develops lesson plans, classroom learning activities, community based instruction, and work based learning coordination
  3. Develops individualized student work-based learning plans
  4. Monitor student progress
  5. Complete and submit necessary documentation
  6. Collaborate with key stakeholders
  7. Establish and maintain community partnerships for the purposes of student internship experiences, job shadowing, work place visits, visiting speakers, community service, and improved opportunities for student outcomes
  8. Engage in ongoing communication and follow up activities
  9. Maintain required documentation and reporting requirements
  10. Maintain records of community agreements, contracts, and key contact information
  11. Collect and evaluate program date
  12. Adjust work schedule, contractually, when appropriate; ie. Late entry, etc.
  13. Attend and inspect field assignments as needed
  14. Meet with Grant Coordinator to discuss team program progress and/or concerns
  15. Communicate with administrations, pupil personnel services, guidance counselors, student advisors, parents, and students
  16. Performs other duties within the scope of his/her employment and certification as may be assigned.


  • Tenth-month year.  Salary to follow current negotiated Employees Association agreement.
  • Summer hours, with additional compensation, may be required
  • This position requires evening availability noting an adjustment of work hours may be required.
  • The position may be grant funded and upon insufficient funds will terminate.

Job Coach for Maximizing Post School Outcomes Grant (3)

This position will work with the post secondary students at within the Work Based Learning programs.

Location: Two at Salem Campus; one at Cumberland Campus


1. Currently under contract with Salem County Special Services School District 
2. Ability to supervise students at a job site to ascertain their  compliance with employment requirements 
3. Ability to advise students during the school day relative to  situations that occur at the work site 
4. Ability to advise supervise students activities at Community Based Instruction sites 
5. Ability to coordinate students and school schedule with Community Based Instruction sites 
6. Required criminal history background check and proof of United States citizenship or legal resident alien status 
7. Valid N.J. driver’s license and C.D.L.  

REPORTS TO: Principal 

JOB GOALS: Participation in a supervised work experience program provides invaluable relevance to the curriculum of the career clusters high school program.  Lifelong employment skills can be infused in lesson plans.  The job coach/mentor will act as a liaison between the school and the business community. He/she will be able to ascertain employment skill areas that need to be addressed during the school day.  He/she will oversee students’ involvement in an variety of work place environments.  

1. Supervise students at the job placement site 
2. Record hours of employment and assess, and assign a grade for the employment experience 
3. Facilitate communication between the school and the local business community 
4. Provide daily advisement to students who are employed or in Community Based Instruction placements 
5. Transport students to and from community based instruction locations 

Terms of Employment​:  
Ten-month year.  Salary and work year to be according to the current contract.  

Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Board’s 
policy on Evaluation of Non-Professional Personnel. 

Classroom Instructional Assistant (3)

This position will serve as a classroom instructional assistant within the post secondary programs.

Location: Two at Salem Campus; one at Cumberland Campus


1. High School Diploma
2. High moral character
3. A genuine interest in chiidren and youth
4. A desire to serve the school and community
5. An understanding of a beiief in the role of a teacher aide
6. Evidence of good health, vitality and enthusiasm
7. Effective written and oral expression
8. NJ Criminal History Background check

REPORTS TO: Teacher, Program Coordinator, Principal, Director

JOB GOALS: The teacher aide assists teachers and other members of the professional staff in impiementing the goals and objectives of the school district approved by the Board of Education. The teacher aide shall perform the duties assigned by the Superintendent under the direction and supervision of designated members of the professional staff.

1. Assist in the arrival and dismissal of chiidren
2. Attend to the personai needs of the children whenever necessary, including, but not limited to, toileting, feeding and cieaning activities
3. Assist in art, physical education, home economics and other ancillary services, under the direction of the appropriate special teachers.
4. Work with individuals or small groups not directly under instruction of the teacher
5. Prepare and duplicate materials needed for instruction
6. Assist children when traveling from place to place
7. Accompany children on field trips
8. Assist with recreational activities
9. Assist children in basic daily routines
10. Assist In the lunch time activities which may include feeding of some chiidren
11. Care for audio-visual equipment, including protectors, record players, screens, film strips, puzzles, games, and other materials
12. Assist in planning and arranging bulietin board materials
13. Keep accurate records, relating to classroom management. This includes attendance, financial records, developmental records for each child, notes relating to patterns of function which deviate from the normal, other records as assigned by the teacher or program director
14. See that students never leave assigned area without proper permission and/or supervision:

  • Remain constantly alert and vigilant to any student assigned to your immediate supervision
  • Report immediately any student for whom you are unable to account

15. Aid in implementation of students’ program in assigned classroom as appropriate.

  • Under the guidance of the classroom teacher, carries out educational programs to meet the students’ individual needs and goals
  • Under the guidance of the classroom teacher, completes ail assigned reports correctly and on time
  • Under the guidance of the classroom teacher, reviews all pertinent information concerning students in assigned classrooms

16. Keep assigned students safe from injury, harm, unnecessary illness or other unnecessary discomfort.

  • When objects or materials which present an obvious danger to your students are removed from an occupied area when not in use and/or under direct employee supervision
  • When any abnormality discovered is referred immediately to your classroom teacher
  • When all protective equipment (helmet, safety straps, wheelchair ties, etc.) are used properly and any needed repairs are reported to the classroom teacher
  • Assigned students are properly clothed at all times
  • Immediately correct any hazardous conditions noticed, or, if unable to do so, report the problem to the classroom teacher
  • See that all appropriate therapeutic equipment (special chairs, positioning equipment, etc.) are used properly

17. See that assigned classroom floors are free from toys and spills, and perform any household chores as may be required to maintain the comfort and safety of students. Se that toys and other equipment are properly stored when not in use.
18.See that you observe proper safety precautions to avoid accident and injury to both yourself and/or students.

  • Use proper methods for lifting and other student care to avoid injury
  • Report to your classroom teacher any needed repairs
  • Maintain equipment in accordance with established procedures

19. Other responsibilities as assigned by the teacher, program coordinator, principal or Superintendent.

Terms of Employment:
Ten-month year. Salary and work year to be according to current contract.

Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Board’s policy on Evaluation of Paraprofessionai Personnel.

Social Workers (2- part time evening hours)

This position will work with the maximizing post school outcomes grant serving students and families beyond school day hours ensuring transitions and family service links are met and maintained.


  1. MSW or as set by state certification authorities
  2. School Social Worker Certification
  3. Criminal History background check

REPORTS TO: Designated Supervisor

JOB GOALS: To bring an understanding of forces outside the school which might affect the child’s setting.  As a member of the basic Child Study Team – identify, classify and plan educational programs to meet the needs of the handicapped student.


  1. Serve as a professional staff member of the basic Child Study Team and perform functions as described in Chapter 46 – Title 18A.
  2. Interview parents either at home or in the office for the purpose of gathering background information and developmental history that will aid in better understanding of the child’s academic difficulties
  3. Observation of and communication with thechild to better understand his/her perception of the difficulties he/she is experiencing.
  4. Maintain communication with families needing supportive follow-up
  5. Serve as a liaison between parent (child) and school, as well as, outside social agencies
  6. Participate in classification and planning conference with the parents
  7. Strive to maintain and improve professional competence.  Attend in-service programs, continuing workshops or courses
  8. Keep pertinent records
  9. Orient students to school procedures and the school’s varied opportunities for learning
  10. Assists students in evaluating their aptitudes and abilities through the interpretation of individual standardized test scores and other pertinent data, and works with students in evolving education and occupation plans in terms of such evaluation
  11. Provide support services to non-classified students
  12. Conducts interviews with each student assigned and remains readily available for further counseling at student’s request.  Counsels’ students in personal growth, self-understanding and maturity.
  13. Conduct post-suspension conferences
  14. Provides information to students and parents as to other educational opportunities, such as summer school
  15. Works with teachers to improve the educational prospects of individual students being counseled
  16. Provides counseling to students as required by the EIP, or as assigned in the case of non-classified students
  17. Other responsibilities as assigned by the Supervisor

Terms of Employment:
 Ten-month year.   Salary and work year to be according to the current contract.

Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Board’s policy on Evaluation of Professional Personnel.